hari ni penat sangat. pergi servis babywhite seharian. malam ada pula meeting. tapi, yang paling best, bila nak tidur check inbox FB one of my girlfriends send this to me. awwww she such a nice girlfriend i ever had. thanx eyda darlingggg :)

if u find the right one, remember ;;;
 Don`t lie.
 Keep communication open.
 Stay sweet.
 When you get hurt, just forgive and forget.
 Never ever talk about break ups.
 Never say “It`s okay” even when it`s not.
 Forget about the word “pride”.
 If you say sorry, mean it.
 Don`t compare your past on your present.
 Don`t talk about your stupid ex`s.
 Give and take process.
 Beware of his feelings.
 When you had a fight, don`t let a day pass.
 Don`t be the perfect one, be the right one.

Thats all. Keyboard off.

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