quick update from me

Hye. I know it has been a while i didn't update my blog since my last post. Walaupon baru 3 minggu semester buka, tapi sibuk dia kemainnnn lagi.

Well readers, what can i say ; i'm too busy with ;
meetings ;;
especially this week. Ya Allah rasa macam nak mintak nyawa je. Serba serbi tak cukup. Almost every night I have to attend meeting. Starts at 10pm or 11pm and it will end at almost 1am. Letih, penat, capek, tired. phewww phewww phewww. Seriously, I need some space for me to breath, for me to release tension. So, that is why I have to finish up all my works by tomorrow (Thursday), because I wanna go back to KL. Hooyeahh hooyeahhhh hooyeahhhh :)

To you-know-who-you-are ; I know I been busy this week ;
less talk, less chat, less spend time and everything less laaa -.- Terima kasih kerana memahami saya, dan tidak menambah lagi tekanan yang saya sudah hadapi. So, as a reward, lets meet up this weekend. I promise you my weekend will be all yours. See you soooon *dancingmood*

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